Tuesday, August 15, 2006

LIME Cycle

This is the LIME Cycle. The green transport is meant for commuters with walking disabilities (amputees). The concept is to have a basic wheelchair used for indoor or short distance movement & with the help of a front attachment, be able to travel as a handcycle to medium distances. The seat is adjustable (for-aft) to achieve the most comfortable position in wheelchair-mode and handcycle-mode.

Basic specs:
+ Mesh seat on polypropylene shell
+ Rubber/polymer belt instead of a chain (cleaner)
+ Gripshift operated gear hub
+ Optional foot rest for users with other type of walking disabilities
+ Cable operated disc brakeClick on images to enlarge


Anonymous said...

If you do not use a wheelchair everyday of your life, to get through life; you will never design a wheelchair that will be used for other than magazine filler.
People are not in wheelchair, we are on them.

Anonymous said...

It is through feedback from people like you that I need to make the ideas more practical and usable. Please do not hesitate to leave more comments.
I understand the sensitive use of words when it comes to describing people with disabilities and I am being as cautious as possible. My apologies if my descriptions agitated anyone.

+Wai Lam

Anonymous said...

I actually think Mr. Lam is onto something. Encouraging mobility innovation should be constructive. To say that he can't design a chair because he doesn't use one himself is ridiculous! The only thing I see that might be difficult with the design is transferring, but that seems to be improved in a different design!

Please keep up the good work Mr. Lam.

Anonymous said...

As an industrial designer and current student of Occupational Therapy, I find your work inspiring and delightful. Anybody who is working to improve usability and acceptability of items used by people with disabilities is a role model to others in the design industry. Keep up the great work - I can't wait to see more products along these lines!