Saturday, July 08, 2006

Bling Bunny

The Bling Bunny is an experimental product devised based on a scenario I experienced. My right hand is weak due to an injury in an accident. Whenever I wanted to open a Coke bottle or a bottle of mineral water bottle, I had great difficulty opening with one hand.
Bling Bunny was developed to allow people with disabilities to open and close bottles single-handedly.

The bunny is chrome-plated. The idea is to use the reflection of the user and surrounding environment as a way of customizing the product. The reflections are cute, especially when the user's image/face is distorted and capped with bunny ears.

TPE molded over ABS is used for the top palm-opeated button and ears to give it a softer touch and grip. Use of light colour in these parts is to detect when the product needs cleaning to maintain hygiene. The ears are extensions of a flip-switch. Pushing it left or right determines whether the bottle cap is being opened or closed.

For detail explainations of how the Bling Bunny works, kindly visit the Design Diary at:

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