Thursday, August 28, 2008

Woogle Works Origin

Woogle Works started in 2006, with the objective of creating an alternative platform to practice unrestricted creative processes. In search of a purposeful application of product design, a series of 'What if ?'s experimental designs were developed for the disabled community. The latest project involved working with my disabled neighbour to develop a computer mouse to be shared between him and his family. I was also fortunate to be invited as part of an international team in the 2008 Inclusive Design Challenge Hong Kong presented by the British Council and the Helen Hamlyn Centre (Royal College of Art, London), a major event addressing design for the abled & disabled.

In 2008, the Woogle Works project expanded beyond design for disability, exploring other areas of design including:

1. Design for Culture
2. Design for National Identity
3. Design in response to User Behaviour
4. Design Inclusively
5. Design for the Commercial Market

"It is my objective and hope that my work will encourage the field of product design to grow locally, to instill awareness of the existence of this profession to the younger generation and to establish a design language unique to our country."

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