Saturday, February 10, 2007


This project I am experimenting on involves innovating a solution to enable safe single-hand cycling. Difficulties in doing so on existing bicycles: Difficult to get on/mount (at correct saddle height), lost of balance in bumpy terrain, lost of balance during high speed cornering). A C-shaped extension is used. The left open end enable easy mounting of components like brake levers, hand grips and gear shifters. A hook is added as an optional accessory, for hanging groceries, etc.


socal_dav said...

One other thought is to add a forarm pad, so they can lean down on the stem area, this will stabalize them, like Triathelets, otherwise great idea! Do you patent these concepts before you release them, you have some IP here and if you do not protect is fare game.


Woogle said...

Brilliant suggestion!

Anonymous said...

I guess ur idea is to let the user to hold the middle part with single arm when riding. If so, maybe it is better to extend the brake lever to the middle curve.