Sunday, November 12, 2006

Mouth Artist

The Mouth Artist is an art tool made for mouth artist/mouth painters. The V-shaped fin works as a mouth piece; whereas the cylindrical extension is an adjustable adapter which holds different everyday drawing/painting tools. Tighten the rubberized ring and it enables the mouth artist to hold paint brushes, pencils and pens in his/her mouth. This is a cheap solution to allow people with disabilities to express themselves through art, young and old. Nick Lee fabricated a prototype and flown it to KL all the way from the U.S. Nick is also the mechanical engineer who worked on the locking system. Thanks Nick!


Fahmi Fadzil said...

Hi Wai Lam,

But how will the artist place the tool into the Fin, and use the rubberized ring? What if the artist can't?

Woogle said...

Currently it requires the help of a third party. I'll look into a solution.

Thanks for the comment.